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Structural Engineering

Stride Consulting Engineers provides high-quality, cost-effective structural design solutions for individual and unique developments. At Stride, we recognise the relationships between architect, engineer and builder and work cohesively to achieve the desired aims of the project, alongside certification bodies and other key stakeholders. All solutions are designed to meet each specific client’s needs, with tailored solutions to meet site-specific constraints, in line with all necessary government and building code regulations.

Class 2 Building Design

Stride Consulting Engineers is registered as a Class 2 Design Practitioner for structural engineering design under the Design and Building Practitioners Regulation 2021. Under this registration, our team can undertake structural designs on class two structures such as apartment buildings.

Earth Retaining Walls

For temporary and permanent retaining structures, Stride Consulting Engineers are experienced and can design several options. Our team can design a retaining wall that fits the site-specific constraints and needs of our clients. Some types of retaining walls our team can design and carry out include cantilevered timber/steel pole or masonry-type walls, as well as gravity-type keystone, gabion or sandstone-type walls.

To ensure we can keep up with industry standards, we stay up to date with the latest techniques used for earth retaining walls. We also provide advice where existing retaining walls require repair or replacement.

Civil Engineering

Stride Consulting Engineers can provide civil engineering design for residential, commercial and industrial developments. Our team is adept in road, stormwater, water and sewer design for your proposed development.

Forensic Engineering

Stride Consulting Engineers apply their skills, knowledge and expertise to solve challenging problems with structures. In addition to the design work we undertake, our team also investigates damage to structures, determining the underlying causes of structural damage observed. Stride Consulting Engineers understand the many potential factors contributing to structural failures and the complex relationships between structural conditions, design, and construction to determine the underlying issues.

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